ICE Wallpaper Creator

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of ICE, Bob Brotchie released ICE Wallpaper Creator (available throughout the 2015/16 ICE campaign only). The slogan, It’s clear as ICE!, accompanied the app to provide an Efficient, lightweight simplicity with a consistent process for both responder and user. It’s clear as ICE with ICE Wallpaper Creator! and still applies to the original concept of ICE. 

Why ICE Wallpaper Creator?

After 10 years of campaigning for mobile manufacturers to share a uniform system to ICE our mobile phones, Bob Brotchie decided it was time to take it into his own hands and release an app to demonstrate how to overcome the growing lack of uniformity and inherent limitations due to locked screens. This is where ICE Wallpaper Creator came into play as it allowed the phone owner to enter any relevant information and multiple ICE contacts that could still be seen if the mobile phone was locked.

The Aim of ICE Wallpaper Creator

To further raise awareness that, in the unfortunate event that phone owners found themselves in an emergency situation (and unable to communicate) the phone screen data would ‘communicate’ on their behalf. ICE Wallpaper Creator allowed responders and hospital staff to access vital information in the fastest and most efficient way. It alleviated the worry of working out the make/model of phone and overcoming the locked screen.

Thank you for spreading the word about ICE!