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This amazing resource is filled with tools your staff can use to facilitate next of kin notification, patient identification and communication, as well as everything you need to roll out a facility-wide ‘Seven Steps’ system. Notify In 7 provides you with the background and tools that your facility needs to locate an unconscious patient’s emergency contact information, perform NOK (next of kin) notifications and obtain informed consent, quickly and easily. It also includes downloadable patient tracking workflows, tools and SixSigma based training materials, based on the ‘Seven Steps’. Added to this, you will also find tutorials on how to locate your patient’s ICE Contact(s) even on the most stubborn of smartphones.

In summary, Notify In 7 will provide your emergency staff, managers and risk management professionals with comprehensive training, whilst giving you and your hospital a fully operational ‘Next of Kin Notification System’ in just 90 days!

The Story Behind Notify In 7

Janet and Laura Greenwald are one of the only mother/daughter writing teams in the entertainment industry. They began their careers in production on network sitcoms at MGM and Warner Bros and are currently developing their own original movies and television series through their production company Lion And The Rock Entertainment.

The Greenwald’s were introduced to emergency preparedness the hard way, when a Jumbo Jet crashed across the street from their home. But it was a horrendous medical tragedy – one that took the life of their mother/grandmother, Elaine Sullivan – that REALLY propelled them into new territory.

When Elaine Sullivan’s hospital failed to notify Janet and Laura of her hospitalization they were not only prevented from being at her side, they were also kept from preventing the drug interaction that took Elaine’s life.

After uncovering a loophole in the laws which regulate the notification of the next of kin of hospital patients, Laura and Janet joined forces with legislators in Illinois and California to enact three ‘Next of Kin Laws’, which led to creating Notify In 7, a training program that provides hospital professionals with the skills they need to notify and reunite trauma victims with their loved ones, quickly and easily. Hoping to keep other families from experiencing the same thing they had, Laura and Janet turned their story into a screenplay entitled Without Consent, now in development as a feature film.

Using the knowledge they had gained from Notify In 7, Laura and Janet went on to create further books; Get Your Stuff Together, ICE My Phone Kit and Ready In 10 which is one of the only downloadable disaster preparedness systems in existence.

In their latest book The Backup Plan 3.0, readers learn quick and easy steps they can take to keep everything that’s important to them organized, safe, sound and accessible. Each section – over 30 in all – covers a different area from backing up and fixing family photos, home movies and music, to creating an evacuation plan, securing vital documents, medical information, financial information and data.

Between their books, blog and website, over 220,000 people have used Janet and Laura’s shortcut sheets, action plans and books to keep themselves, their homes, their families and the things that they love – safe and secure.

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