Frequently Asked Questions

What does ICE stand for?

ICE (or I.C.E.) stands for ‘In Case of Emergency’.

What is the aim of ICE?

To notify your next-of-kin, or chosen contact, at the earliest possible opportunity which also provides confirmation of your identity (should that be required). By providing this vital information, ICE can help first responders (and hospital emergency staff) in treating you effectively in the event that you are unable to communicate. This means that they can be made aware of any serious allergies or relevant medical history.

How can I get ICE?

The original idea (and the most popular) is to edit the name of your agreed ICE contact by adding their name and number with ICE. If you have, or want, more than one ICE contact you can create ICE1, ICE2, etc. So, if you have anything other than a smartphone this is a great choice for you. However, if you do have a smartphone, you can create a wallpaper for your lock screen. See an example with the 2015/16 ICE Campaign with ICE Wallpaper Creator.

What if my screen is locked?

After creating your wallpaper, turn off lock screen notifications so they don’t impede viewing your ICE information. If you need any help creating your wallpaper send us a message. (See the 2015/16 ICE Campaign with ICE Wallpaper Creator).

What did ICE Wallpaper Creator do?

ICE Wallpaper Creator allowed you to create a custom wallpaper for the ‘lock screen’ or ‘home screen’ of your mobile phone. It displayed your ICE contact(s) and any other relevant information thus enabling quick and easy access for first responders and medical staff. See the 2015/16 ICE Campaign with ICE Wallpaper Creator.

What information was included in ICE Wallpaper Creator?

You could include: name; date of birth; need to know… information (such as health conditions and medication); I care for… information (if you care for a pet or loved one); and ANYTHING else that you feel is important.

Why do you suggest adding a date to ICE details?

If you list medication in your ICE details, we encourage you to add the date so first responders and medical staff can see that the medication listed is current.

What happens with ICE wallpaper access when my locked screen push notifications (for missed calls etc) are set to notify?

You will need to check your ‘Alert settings’ for ALL push notifications to your lock screen – and set these to ‘Off’. Badge icon notifications are fine, but essentially, whenever you access your phone, the first screen you will ALWAYS want to see is the one you would want to be viewed in an emergency.

Can I still get ICE if I don’t want to use my phone?

Yes, you can. There are various ICE products available to buy – cards, tags and keyrings etc – or you can make your own. You can also easily do a ‘Google search’ of products by typing in, for example, ‘ICE in case of emergency stickers’.

Thank you for spreading the word about ICE!