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The original ICE concept provides an efficient and consistent process for both responder and user. It's clear as ICE!


ICE – In Case of Emergency

The concept of ICE – In Case of Emergency was created by former paramedic, Bob Brotchie in 2004. It then went on to receive worldwide recognition in 2005 and is still used by millions of mobile phone users today!

By adding ICE to your mobile phone it allows paramedics on the scene to identify you, treat you and be able to contact your next of kin immediately. Also, carers and parents can relax knowing, that should anything happen to their loved ones, medics will have all the information they need to give the right treatment, and they will know who to call first.


Icey the Polar Bear – Helping us to ICE our mobile phones!


Read about our 2015/16 ICE Campaign with ICE Wallpaper Creator



ambulance 1…Ambulance Clip Art by Clip Art Lord

Thank you for spreading the word about ICE!

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  1. This app is AWFUL! Can’t save any contact info! Keeps telling me ERROR!! Want my money back ASAP

    • Hi Corinsa

      Can you tell us which app you are referring to? It would help greatly to know the title of the app if it’s on the App Store or Google Play. We have also sent you an email to clarify.

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