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Efficient, lightweight simplicity with a consistent process for both responder and user. It's clear as ICE with our ICE app!


What is the ICE app?

ICE is a smartphone app that displays next of kin information on your phone’s lock screen – In Case of Emergency – so that if anything happens to you, paramedics on the scene will know how to identify you, treat you and be able to contact your next of kin immediately.

Carers and parents can relax knowing, that should anything happen to their loved ones, medics will have all the information they need to give the right treatment, and they will know who to call first.

Watch how the ICE app works in an emergency…

How does the ICE app work?

A medic will see your vital information instantly – you choose what details will be available to them. Include a picture of yourself, by taking a selfie, so that paramedics can be sure they are contacting the next of kin of the right person. If you take medication, add your list (with current date) in You should know that… and if you are a carer, add any important information in the I care for… section.

It’s also easy for you to change the text colour, and position, to suit your photo or wallpaper… AND there are no ads flashing up on your screen. It’s so quick and simple to use. Have a go – it may just save your life!

ICE Wallpaper App on App StoreICE Wallpaper App on Google play





ICE App Reviews


“I think this is a brilliant idea – and it has been executed really well, as shown by the fact that I, an ex-BlackBerry user, was able to install it & set it up on my new Android phone without problems.”

“A very simple but effective way to ensure that your phone is ICE’d.”

“Stunning – immediate identification, crucial medical history and contact numbers of who’s important in my life. If it can save your life, what’s not to like?”



But I don’t want to buy an app! Can I still be safe?

Sure, visit our FAQ for step-by-step instructions on how to get your ICE, next of kin and medical information, to show up on your lock screen.

My child doesn’t have a phone!

No problem, there are plenty of other ICE products to check out – stickers, tags and a handy seatbelt sleeve. These products are designed to be quick and easy to use! For more information, why not take a look at the products suitable for children?.

ambulance 1…Ambulance Clip Art by Clip Art Lord

Thank you for spreading the word about ICE!

  83 Responses to “Being prepared is as clear as ICE! #iceyourmobile #InCaseOfEmergency”

  1. Message says ice is not compatible with this iphone5? Why

    • Hi Anthony,

      The ICE app requires iOS 8 and above which I understand is compatible with iPhone 5s and later models. If you would like help making your own wallpaper, please send us a message via the ‘Contact Us’ page on the menu at the top of this website and we will try to assist.

      Many thanks, Icey

  2. Now a days, many smartphone users use patterns and passwords to unlock the screen.

    In suchh case, how can we access the ICE numbers?

    • Yes, they do, Jisan. Most of us now use a pattern or password for our phones.

      Even if locked there are a couple of ways to ensure our ICE is available.

      1. We can enter ICE contacts and ‘need to know’ information in the ‘owner’ information which will show up on the lockscreen.
      2. Use our ICE app which will create a wallpaper that is visible on the lockscreen. It also gives us the opportunity to include a photo of ourselves which enables a first responder to identify that the phone belongs to the right person. The app also allows the user to include extra information such as medical, pets and anything we feel is important for someone to know in case we are unable to communicate.

      Those are the best options to ensure ICE is visible. In our experience, we have found that using the ’emergency section’ that comes as standard on a phone can be confusing and that the information available isn’t uniform (ie some phones include a number and name, some include the number and others include name, number and extra info).

      Hope that helps and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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